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Whether it’s an accident, injury, or chronic pain, your body can almost always benefit from physical therapy. At Zanesville Medical Center in Zanesville, Ohio, you’ll find a caring team of providers who can help restore movement and mobility to your daily life. Patients of all ages can benefit from both long-term rehabilitation services and more immediate exercises for pain relief.

Physical Therapy Q & A

What can I expect before physical therapy?

When you arrive at Zanesville Medical Center, a qualified physician administers an examination that tests your physical performance and measures the impact of your particular condition on your body.

From there, they develop a physical therapy treatment plan. Each patient requires different types of therapy, and various modalities are used as needed for pain relief, inflammation, and muscular spasms.

An ultrasound is sometimes necessary to determine the exact location and severity of your injury.

What are the different types of physical therapy?

Physical therapy treatment usually involves the establishment of a home exercise program that you practice under the supervision of your physical therapist. Other modalities might include:

Massage therapy

There are several soft tissue therapy techniques which can assist in the reduction of pain and muscle hypertonicity or spasm. Some of these include massage therapy, trigger point therapy, neuromuscular re-education, and stretching.

Depending on your condition and response to treatment, your therapist may use one or more of these therapies as part of your treatment plan.

Decompression therapy

Disc problems can create recurring pain, so treating them as directly as possible helps overall pain relief and mobility. With decompression therapy, your therapist uses focused traction on the disc, rehabilitates the supporting structures, and strengthens the overall musculature of your body without surgery.

In addition to massage therapy and decompression therapy, your therapist might use heat or ice, electrical stimulation, and iontophoresis to help relieve your symptoms.

What results can I expect with physical therapy?

A continuing schedule of regular medical, chiropractic, and physical therapy checkups can help detect, correct, and maintain optimum spinal and nervous system function.

With a proper diet, exercise, and other aspects of good health and personal hygiene, a physical therapy plan can enhance your well-being and help you enjoy life to the fullest.

The doctors of Zanesville Medical Center can create a program designed for your age, condition, and lifestyle. You’ll also receive regular evaluations of your progress, which may require modifications of your treatment plan to achieve the desired outcome.

To get started today, call Zanesville Medical Center or book an appointment using the online scheduling system.