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Your neck is constantly working hard to support your head, which may weigh up to 12 pounds. It’s possible to end your neck pain under the care of specialists at Zanesville Medical Center in Zanesville, Ohio. With natural, non-invasive treatment options, they’ll design a custom protocol to help diagnose and cure the cause of your pain.

Neck Pain Q & A

What causes neck pain?

As a delicate network of vertebrae and nerves, your cervical spine connects your neck to your mid-shoulder region. Neck pain can develop if there is any trauma to the spine or the surrounding muscles or tissue. The pain can be acute, where it comes on suddenly, or chronic, where you experience it off and on over time.

There are many different causes of neck pain, but some may include:

Injury or accident

If you sustain a blow to your neck like whiplash, this can damage the cervical spine and cause the neck muscles to contract.

Disc degeneration

A herniated or “slipped” disc can create pain in the neck and back. Over time, your spinal discs can also degenerate and lead to chronic pain.


Arthritis creates inflammation and tension that can cause neck and back pain.


Neck pain can also develop if you have poor posture or live a sedentary lifestyle.

How is neck pain treated?

If you have neck pain that lasts longer than a few weeks or becomes worse over time, it’s essential to make an appointment with the Zanesville Medical Center team.

There are many different ways to treat neck pain, but the primary goal is to help you avoid surgery and to ease your symptoms. Your physician may start with an X-ray to determine the shape and health of your spine.

You receive an individualized treatment plan that may involve working with several different specialists, like a chiropractor, physical therapist, or massage therapist.

Some different treatment modalities that Zanesville Medical Center uses to address neck pain are:

  • Custom chiropractic adjustments
  • Therapeutic massage
  • At-home or in-office physical therapy exercises
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Decompression therapy

To support your healing at home, refrain from exercises that stress your neck and follow your physician’s instructions closely.

What can I expect after neck pain treatment?

You might need to adjust your lifestyle to support the healing of your neck. It’s important to continue your treatment protocol, even if you start feeling better. Your physician will work with you to determine if your plan needs adjustments or to manage your symptoms if they return.

Most patients are thrilled to find that they don’t need surgery and that they can live healthy, happy lives that are completely pain-free.

To learn more, call Zanesville Medical Center or schedule a consultation online today.